2021 Update

Hey there everybody! Rana here with an update on how things are going with Adore-a-Pup ^^

As most of you probably know we’ve been on hiatus for awhile. This past August our PayPal account was banned and the money within to be held for 180 days, as was the case with a variety of people both in and outside of the community. As such we had to halt operations and bide our time until those funds became available again, all the while handling the ongoing pandemic the best we could. Luckily nobody I know of or work with has gotten it so far as I’m aware.

Having said that, we did receive word a few weeks ago that PayPal has decided to keep the money we had. What’s more it appears they’re keeping the funds of everyone who was effected by this ban (or so I’m lead to believe, everyone we’ve spoken with about it has reported a similar experience). Some of our artists were hit by this as well, and this is on top of the ongoing pandemic. While a vaccine has thankfully be discovered and is making its rounds, I imagine it’ll still be awhile before everything is back to normal.

Naturally there are other factors as well, I know that a chunk of the staff have their own personal going-ons as do our artists. As such we’ve decided to postpone re-opening Adore-a-Pup for the time being. We can’t in good conscious try to run things whilst we and our artists are tackling so much, while also trying to ensure quality content for our audience. Instead it’d be wiser to give them and us time to get things together given the setbacks and circumstances in play.

This doesn’t mean we’ll be closed forever, though! We still mean to re-open once the pandemic has calmed down and everyone has had the time they need to get themselves going again. In the meantime we’ll get things together and keep everyone updated the best we can, and I want to offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone while we do.

During this whole debacle we’ve received emails, notes, and messages of all kinds offering words of wisdom and support. Both our artists and audience have been incredibly patient and understanding, and that’s something we’re eternally grateful for. Thank you guys so much for all you do, and when we do come back online we’ll be sure to give it our all for you!


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