The Dark Sands


Character belongs to Akai Kitsune.


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“It was the age where nothing matters anymore.

Far into the future, where civilization had peaked, and the only way left was downhill.

Resources were drained, and the alternate energy converter could not measure up to people’s massive consumption.

Societal collapse was inevitable.

Nowadays, people live like the simpler times. Just eating, sleeping and fucking, waiting for the world to end itself.

But not everyone was apathetic. There were also young souls who wish to make the world better. People mocked them, telling them that their idealism will soon be shattered by the harsh truth of the world.

And they can’t be more right. One by one, the youth was wrecked by despair and gave up, just like the others.

But some, like Foxy, stay determined to find a way. Even time after time the reality tried to shatter his idealism, he held on. He believed that people deserves better than this dying world.

He believed that if it was the people that caused such collapse in the first place, then they have the power to fix it to the former glory.

That’s why he kept walking, trying to find the answer.

It was the age where nothing matters anymore.

But one young fox will change all that.

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