Astral Father


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“This is the Land of Gaia.

Other than the tribals, there also lives the Animas. Animas are the feral animals, usually the tribals number one source of food. They came in various sizes and forms, with their own abilities and danger level.

Legends say that the Animas are the progenitor of the lands. Even the gods took anima’s form when they performed their sacred duty. The legend took more credential when it was discovered that the Tribals and Animas could mate and produce heir, though the child will take the form of the females. Even though the hybrid kids were accepted by the tribals, they still think of them as outcast.

Chopper was one such child. But he was not a normal hybrid kid. The animas that impregnated her mother was one of the higher gods that got lonely one time and decide to sleep with one of the tribal females.

One day, Chopper got so depressed from being shunned by kids his age. that’s when his father made an appearance. They may be god and mortal, but also father and son. That’s why the astral anima will do anything to help make his son grow up right.

Despite a god, he is also a father, and with all the fatherly responsibility there is.

All prints are available on high quality luster and metallic roll paper. Some print sizes may result in cropping of the image.

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