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Kip sprinted out of the back door, and skipped down the forest path behind his house. The fox child had decided to swimming! He didn’t even bother bringing clothes. The pond wasn’t far, he had gone a dozen times before, but never alone. The exuberant cub sang loudly and looked up at the trees as he skipped along. After a bit however, his singing stopped. He had come to a strange tree he had never seen. And that big mossy bolder…was that always on this path? The little kit got worried, so he turned around and headed back. But as he trotted along, the trees through thicker and he somehow found himself wandering deeper and deeper into the forest. After an hour the cub found himself at the side of a stream. His paws were tired, and the grass by the stream was so soft. He sat down on the bed of grass, and looked back at the path with worried eyes. ‘If I wait here…mom and dad will find me’ he thought. So he laid down in the grass, and took a little nap.

A rustle from the brush made the cub dart up and rub his eyes. He looked around. It was dark! Looking up, the crescent moon made a hazy sky glow blue. The rustle again made his ears turn, his head following. The fox felt his heart skip a beat! Red eyes… gazed at him from the bushes. The cub sprang to his feet, readying to dart the other way, but as he turned, he was met with another pair of eyes. Turning again, another! He was trapped up against the stream. He looked at the water and readied to jump in, but a large paw grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and lifted him off his feet. Kip found himself face to face with a very large wolf male. Kip felt a bit of relief, but then noticed the wolfs toothy grin. The big beast was naked…a feral. He had heard rumors of a pack nearby. Wolves that decided to shed their clothes and live wild lives. He looked around, seeing others silhouetted in the moonlight. A half dozen… maybe more padded around their Alpha. Kip looked back at the wolf and said ‘hello’. The wolf grinned wider and gave the little fox a big wet lick over the face. Kip felt relieved… maybe he wasn’t going to get eaten after all.

The big Alpha sniffed the cub, up and down his naked body until his nose pressed against the kit’s sheath and nuzzled, seemingly liking the fox’s scent. Kip gasped and wiggled as a big wet tongue started lapping at his bits. After a bit the wolf dropped the kit softly onto the grass and barked one time at his pack. They all backed off a little. Kip looked up at the wolf looming over him and noticed it. The Alpha’s shaft was black against the dark fur, but glistened in the moonlight. The big Alpha got down on his paws and knees over the boy and licked him a few more times. Then roughly grabbed his hips in his big clawed paws, lined up, and squeezed his cock-tip under the fox’s tail until he slid in. Kip shuddered and whined as his backside was taken. Beads of drool from the hungry wolf dribbled onto his body as his hips pumped up, slamming into the fox boy over and over and over and over. Little fox yips and whines only excited the others, making them pad around the mating pair in a circle, growling hungrily.

To the fox cub, it felt like the Alpha had fucked him for half the night, even though it was probably nowhere near as long. But the Alpha had stamina and planned to use every bit of it on this cute prize he found. As his stamina wore thin, he slammed his hips faster, harder, driving himself to the final moments. Kip whimpered, touching his tummy and watching it swell with every thrust of the wolf. The alpha rolled forward, cradling the small fox against him as he pressed in hard one last time. The fox’s small body could not even begin to hold what the wolf had to offer. Gushes of warm canine cum swelled out from around the wolf’s cock and drooled down the fox’s fluffy tail. The sudden pressure triggered something inside the cub, and his own pink cock shuddered and bobbed as it spewed out a thick, sticky substance all over his chest and face. The kit would have caught it in his eye, had it not been for his glasses. He watched it pool on the lenses as he cried out in strange pleasure to the moon…

Spoogey naughtiness. And when the Alpha is done, the Betas, lurking in the shadows watching, get a turn. Then even the Omegas will get a turn, once the Alpha has seconds. Yes… it’s a pretty big pack. X3

Kip belongs to Kip Fox.

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