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After what seemed like forever, the Alpha wolf finally finished. The little fox was shuddered as the big male withdrew. He could feel cum drooling down his tail. How many times had the Alpha came? With that much virility, its no wonder he’s the boss…wait…boss! The little fox had forgotten about the other wolves, what he guessed where the Betas. They had been circling him during their leader’s copulation, growling, nipping hungrily at the air. Where…where they going to eat him now that the leader had had his prize? The fox glanced around. Hungry eyes stared at him. The Alpha groaned as he stood up, looking down at the mess he had made of the boy. With a toothy grin he looked at the others and nodded, stepping away.

Kip closed his eyes tight… ‘This is it’ he thought. He let out a cry at the first touch, but was quickly surprised to learn it wasn’t teeth, but paws. He felt many paws grab him,  actually, and start tugging at him. Opening his eyes he looked at the three betas that started a tug of war with the little fox. The tug of war didn’t last long however, as they all quickly decided to just take the boy at once. Squeezing the kit up between them two of the Betas quickly lined up. The first slid right in, being a bit smaller than the Alpha, and the kit being quite lubed with wolf cum. But his eyes opened in surprise as the second Beta started to cram his shaft right in beside the first’s. It stretched the boy, making him wiggle futilely in their arms. He opened his maw to cry out, but instead found a third wolf-cock shoved into his muzzle. And then the wolves went to work. Little fox moans and feral growls filled the still forest night. Kip cradled his stomach, feeling it bulge a little each time one of the wolves slammed into him. As one pulled back, the other pushed forward. Kip looked up, the wolves hungry eyes locked on him, their hungry was not to eat the fox cub, but to breed him. And they did; relentless and feral, the mating was fast and lustful. In their last moments, the two Betas slammed both completely into the fox at once and howled into the night. Kip shuddered and cupped his paws to his abdomen, feeling the pulses of their hunger fulfilled.

The little fox woke the next morning in the dew covered grass, his own body covered head to toe with the sticky dew of many wolves. He rubbed his eyes and carefully got to his feet, finding his strength again. He shuddered and looked down, seeing gobs of wolf seed roll down his legs. He could feel his backside, so stretched the gooey cum wouldn’t stay in. Even after a through washing in the stream, as the cub walked home ( eventually finding the right path) he could still feel their warm cum rolling down his butt, tail, and legs.

Their hunger had been so strong. The little fox thought… maybe he should start feeding the wolves.

Whats this? Six years later and these wolves are still fucking Kip Fox? You bet they are! All day, every day, nonstop, 24/7. XD  Okay, even that might be a bit much.

Well, its finally done! Kip commissioned this like right after the first one, and it only took me 6 years to finish. -_-   Good turn around, right? Thank you again, sweet Kip for your endless patience with me! Your a saint! (tho the pictures might try to convince you otherwise)

All prints are available on high quality luster and metallic roll paper. Some print sizes may result in cropping of the image.

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