Plans Moving Forward

Hey there everybody! Rana here with an update on the status of Adore-a-Pup!

As many of you know back in August we, and many other creators, had our PayPal accounts mysteriously suspended. After three months of grappling with them I’m sorry to say we weren’t able to unlock our account or get our money from them any sooner than what they’ll allow.

While I can’t speak for anybody else, I can inform everybody what happened and what we plan to do for the future. The long and short of it is that PayPal never actually stated why our account was suspended. Naturally the assumption is we distribute NSFW material, but that’s just an assumption. What’s more, they keep talking about a “risk” associated with our account, as well as saying we violated their terms of service. They didn’t stick with one or the other, depending on who I spoke to they would say one or the other.

Despite that, though, we’ve never had any history of chargebacks or disputes. As a matter of fact, most people have been kind and supportive of us, which we are forever grateful for. As such even some from PayPal’s customer service staff commented they didn’t know why we were suspended, they couldn’t see nor were given a plausible explanation for it. Most even sympathized, and put in requests for me to have the matter escalated and several requests to have the 180 day hold on our funds in the account shorted. I made sure to call every week, sometimes several times a week, to check on this and keep the pressure on.

Then they just stopped responding. Up til that point I hadn’t emailed them because its far easier to ignore an email than it is to ignore a phone call. Emails can be deleted or marked as spam, phones in a call center you really can’t just let ring. Yet I found anytime I called, from my phone or another, that the call couldn’t be completed which tells me either they blocked us, or they’ve shut down their call center for some reason. As such I took to emailing, which got me nowhere other than an automated response to use their Resolution Center, which due to the suspension I couldn’t.

Finally resolving to contact the BBB, after two exchanges we got a response basically stating that PayPal was not going to disclose why they suspended our account, and that our money would not be available any sooner than the 180 days. End of discussion, and that response wasn’t even notified to us via email. I had to go to the BBB website myself to look for an update, and found it had been made over a week ago and thus I wasn’t able to respond anymore.

This whole thing as been extremely suspicious. Most people on staff there other than the initial customer service representatives have been wholly unprofessional and unhelpful, and PayPal’s sheer lack of caring astounds me. Though unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much else we can do, as I’d rather not take legal action unless I have to. If anybody has any suggestions or recommendations about all of this please let us know!

So! The plan now is to wait out the rest of the 180 days, of which 90 have already passed. In that time we will work on the site and give our artists that time to create content they wish to upload. We also plan to utilize a different transaction service, one who is okay with the content we provide. It might take a bit to get things back in order, but we’ll do so and the support of you guys is what makes it all possible! Thank you for being there for us and our artists, its truly appreciated 🙂

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