Recent Site Issues

Hi there guys! Just a little update on recent events that have taken place

Recently our site came under a cyber attack. Someone attempted to hack us, and as a result the site was all wonky. I’m not entirely certain what the goal of the hacker was outside of just messing with us, but we were able to handle it and get everything under control right away. Luckily we have excellent staff and viewers, because we were notified almost immediately once it happened.

Having said that, Google may still list us as a deceptive site. We still have to work around that, but the site itself is perfectly fine. If that error comes up you can continue to the site, and we should have that problem taken care of soon.

We’ve tightened our security and added a few more firewalls to help prevent this form happening again. As far as we know nobody’s accounts were compromised, or damage done to anything. Still, if anybody experienced issues while trying to access the site recently then that’s why. Everything should be good now, though, so no worries 🙂

As for other points of interest, we’ve recently sent out all of the orders for Monsters’ Kink! We were lucky in finding a local print ship that was willing to print them so you guys wouldn’t have to wait as long. Mousepads on backorder are also now in stock, and if you placed an order with them they should be arriving anytime if they haven’t already

As for dakis, though, those will still be awhile. There aren’t any places here that make those that I’m aware of, so my apologies on that front. We’ll get them in as soon as we can, though!

Thank you for your time, and may you all have a splendid day! 😀

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