Regarding PayPal

Good afternoon everyone! Rana here with an update on how things are going. Its been a little over a month since PayPal banned us and many others, and in that time we’ve been doing our best to figure things out.

Over the last few weeks we’ve made several inquiries into the matter. Asking why our account was banned, when the funds we had in there will be made available, if we would be allowed to utilize their services again, and so on. Luckily we were able to reach a few different people who did what they could to help, and though we did get a few answers it wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for

From what we’ve been told the account we were using likely won’t be unbanned. We aren’t going to be allowed to appeal said ban either (which, from what we understand, is the case for many others who were affected by this as well). Though even if we could utilize their services we likely wouldn’t want to, given how they’ve been handling this situation as a whole.

As such we’ve been looking into other alternatives, and have found a few that look like they’ll both be safe to use and integrate with our system. It’s just a matter of picking the best one for our needs and making sure we can utilize them without similar hiccups to what we’ve experienced with PayPal. Thankfully we have a few recommendations from our artists and audience, so we’re confident we’ll find something that works.

The matter of getting things going is a bit trickier, though. Most of the funds we used for our operations are in that PayPal account, and as far as we know are slated to be held for 180 days. After numerous attempts we were able to reach a supervisor who said he could put in a request to have that time-frame lowered to 30 days, though we’ve yet to be informed of the status of said request 4 weeks later. We’ve been actively calling them, though, and just a few days ago put in a complaint with the BBB explaining the situation. Hopefully all of this leads to something positive and we’ll hear back soon. If so we’ll be able to get things up and running again before the end of the year.

However, if nothing comes of this, we’ll have to wait the full 180 days to gain access to our money. We can’t effectively ship orders, buy supplies, or order new stock without it. As such we’ll have to wait until February when everything becomes available, which means the site will be down and orders made around the time of the ban placed on hold until then.In that case we’ll use the time to update the site as best we can. Outfit it with a new payment method, count up what stock we have, and give our artists time to work on whatever projects they have. Everything will be okay, it’ll just take some time.

Thank you to everyone for your continued patience and support! Once we know for sure what’s going one we’ll be sure to let you guys know~ 🙂

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