Site Updates and List Requests

Hello there cub lovers! Rana here with an update in regards to users who have been having difficulty logging in, creating an account, and so forth with our site. There have been a few who have asked about this, so I figured I’d give an update for everybody. That way those who have come across this issue will know its being worked on, and anybody who may come across it in the future know that its just a temporary bug

For some reason our site’s spam firewall does its job a little too well. Its my understanding that the settings we run sometimes registers users both old and new as spam accounts, and denies them access to the site. I’ve updated all of our servers, plug-ins, and such and have manually gone in and allowed those who have left notes and requested help. I apologize for this, and want to let you guys know its been handled. If you’ve had problems with accessing the site they should be fixed, but if they haven’t please note me or leave a ticket on the site. That way there’s a record of everyone who we need to assist

Also, there’s a bug that denies access to resetting passwords. Hopefully all of the updates have fixed it, but if that continues to be a problem as well definitely let us know! I’ve notified the staff of all of this, so if there are any remaining problems they won’t be around for long

Thank you so much for your feedback, I greatly appreciate it! We’ll use it to improve the site, and hope to have more updates in the future to allow for an even better site experience~

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