Site Updates

Hello there all you cub lovers! Rana here wishing you the best, and hoping everyone is taking care of themselves during these trying times. I know its been tough, but hopefully you guys have managed to keep yourselves healthy and are staying positive! 😀

With the last couple of months requiring people to stay indoors, a lot of people have had a lot of time on their hands. We at Adore-a-Pup are much the same, and have been trying to use that time to update the site. We’re happy to announce that its just about done!

While the overall changes aren’t massive (we didn’t change servers or anything) we feel that they still make an impact:

* Whole new look. The overall color scheme has been switched to be less bland and more vibrant.
* The logo has been removed and we’re working on a new one. The site’s header is no longer tiny.
* Several bug issues have been addressed.
* Merchandise categories have been repurposed to allow for easier access to products.
* A new paper type and print size have been added to all applicable images.
* Artist list have been updated with the names of our current talent.
* Headers and drop-downs have been tweaked to allow for quicker browsing around the site.
* The forum is open to the public for those who wish to use it.

We hope to continue updating and polishing the site as we go. All recommendations are appreciated, and if anybody has any questions please feel free to ask!

(Also, for those who are currently waiting on orders. We were finally able to get in touch with our vendor, they recently re-opened and we’re in the midst of completing our restock order. Thank you for your continued patience.)

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