Temporary Closing

Hey there cute people! Rana here with an update, albeit a somber one.

I’m unsure how many people this is effecting, or if its happened to anyone else reading this. We just received notification that our PayPal account has been suspended. We weren’t given any information into the matter, aside from “there is a risk associated with your account” without any further specifics.

Since PayPal was what we used in terms of payment arrangements, until we figure out what’s going on we’re going to have to temporarily close-down the site. We still have orders coming, though, and plan to ship those to everyone who has been waiting since before the virus sprung up.

However, until further notice we won’t be able to provide our services. Rest assured though, we’ll be looking into this and hopefully get things running again soon. If not with PayPal, then with an alternative source to process transactions through.

I sincerely apologize for this and any inconvenience this has caused. If anything changes we’ll be sure to let you guys know~ 🙂

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